Why is my skin peeling?

Skin peeling is a dermatological health condition that affects our skin. And as few people know, the skin is actually an organ. It is exposed to various diseases due to various environmental factors, health conditions, or our lifestyle options. In essence, skin peeling is a condition where our skin's upper layer gets damaged, and therefore, it peels off and falls away. Being said that, this condition can cause severe damage to the skin, results in itchy sensation, become quite annoying, and may even interfere with one's confidence since their whole-body appearance may not look as they wish. For that, in this article, we will answer your questions for you to be aware of what might be causing your skin to peel and take the necessary adjustment. 1) Exposure to chemicals Several factors contribute to the development of this condition. Yet. the most common cause of it is exposure to chemicals. Now, this means that people who are working at a factory, including housewives, cleaning staffs, and others, are more likely to develop this condition since their skin can get easily irritated by the chemical substances that can be found in cleaning products, detergents, dish soaps or work products. On top of that, people who continuously swim in home pools are also vulnerable to getting their skin peeled because swimming pools contain chlorinated water. Not taking enough precautions such as applying a moisturizer before swimming can lead to this condition. 2) Dead skin cells Most of the time, the reason why your skin is peeling is that dead skin cells are just beginning to break down due to various environmental and dietary factors.Sometimes, even if we are unaware of it yet the environment, we live maybe just harsh for our skin. Especially areas where the air is dry or humid, high in temperatures, or even the sun gets to stay in the sky for prolonged hours that can directly affect the health and the integrity of our healthy cells and result in dry and peeled skin, especially if the skin is not taken care of adequately. 3) Sunburns or sun poisoning Another one of the most common reasons why skin starts peeling right after a sunburn or a sun poisoning is because our skin may have some of its natural defense against the sun or that it got exposed for prolonged periods to sun rays. When your skin starts peeling, it is basically telling you that it is no longer able to protect itself from the elements the same way it used to. It is taken that you start taking proper care precautions. Not only this but also, sunburn and poisoning may actually lead to skin cancers, and the results may be life-ending; if you noticed that you are spending too much time outside or that your work environment requires work on the field, that also could cause your skin to peel off due to the prolonged exposure to the sun and the harsh work conditions. 4) Poor nutrition Many people are unaware of this, yet even a poor diet, especially a diet that is low in antioxidants and Vitamin B-12, can lead to skin peels. In fact, antioxidants play a huge role in fighting off free radicals. These molecules cause cellular damage. Without antioxidants or B-12 Vitamins, your skin cells begin to slowly deteriorate and become less moisturized. For that, one should note that the more antioxidant-rich foods you eat, and the more you elevate your Vitamin B-12 intake, the better chances you'll have in slowing down the aging process and in protecting your skin from peeling and premature aging. 5) Dehydrated skin A primary reason behind skin peels is actually just water. You may not know this, but the skin is even categorized as an organ, and it needs as much water as other organs need. If you are drinking less than required, your skin will start to dehydrate, peel off, and deteriorate. For that, it is advised by the U.S National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that a person should at least drink 15 cups of water per day. Doing so helps you flush out the toxins in your body and protect your skin from the effects of aging and peeling altogether.