What are red bumps on the skin? How to get rid of them?

It can be a real downer to have acne that causes red bumps on the skin. If you do have it, don't worry, because there are ways to get rid of them. There are some people who try scrubbing their skin vigorously with scrubbing bars, but they end up only worsening their condition. The best way to deal with them is to learn about the various types of red bumps on the skin and then find out how to eliminate them. Types of red bumps : 1. Papulopustular One of the first types of red bumps on the skin is referred to as Papulopustular. This is actually a very common condition that affects a lot of people, and the cause is actually bacterial. Bacteria gets trapped in the follicles of your skin, which causes it to become inflamed. The good news is that this type of condition is usually not serious. However, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible to make sure that it doesn't develop into something else. 2. Acne papulosa nigra The next type of bump on the skin that you should look out for is called Acne papulosa nigra. In fact, it tends to affect those who ignore cleaning their skin regularly. This can actually be a major problem, as it may lead to permanent scarring. 3. Acne conglobata The third type of bumps on the skin is called Acne conglobata. This happens when there is too much oil on the skin. This excess oil clogs the pores, which causes pimples to appear on the skin. The good news is that these red pimples can be treated easily at home. You just need to be able to reduce the amount of oil on your skin, as well as removing dead skin cells. 4. Acne metacarpal The fourth type of red bumps on the skin is known as Acne metacarpal. This occurs when the hair follicles get inflamed. This inflammation is due to certain hormones, such as testosterone. It is not unusual for people to start losing hair due to this problem. How to get rid of red bumps? Red bumps on the skin that occur due to sun exposure or infection are common occurrences. They can also be caused by a yeast infection which, if not treated, can spread to the entire body. There is no point in suffering when there is an effective treatment of red bumps on the skin. Here are some options you can consider. 1. Avoid scratching your skin You should avoid scratching because it will only make the condition worse. Scratching can also infect the skin with bacteria and other microorganisms causing a number of skin problems. So, if you are affected with acne, then you should use benzoyl peroxide cream or lotion to wash your skin. This treatment will kill the bacteria present on the skin. 2. Licorice Another effective treatment for such skin bumps is licorice. It has been used for centuries by Asian women as a treatment to treat skin problems. It has a cooling and soothing effect. You can also use licorice paste or capsules for getting relief from itching and irritation caused by these bumps. 3. Tea tree oil You can also try tea tree oil. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that will help get rid of red bumps on the skin. However, you need to apply this on the skin regularly for several weeks to see the results. So, it is not an instant solution to this problem. 4. Garlic Garlic is another good treatment for these bumps. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can be very effective in curing this condition. However, it is important to carefully wash the affected area after application of garlic so that no infection occurs. You can also consult a doctor before using garlic to reduce the risk of side effects. Conclusion : You should try to prevent this problem by keeping your skin clean and free of impurities. It also helps if you avoid picking at your skin since picking can spread the bacteria that lead to acne. Finally, if you see an abnormal itchy red bump on your skin, you should quickly consult a dermatologist so that he or she can determine what exactly is causing the problem.