How to get rid of dry, flaky skin? Causes & treatments

Dried up flaky skin can be a pain, but it's not due to the weather. Mainly, if you have flaky skin, you will notice that your skin will start to dry out, peel off, and you will mostly realize that your skin has sorts of cracks and dead skin residues. Mainly this problem occurs when our skin starts to lose its own natural moisturizers and oils that keep it protected. For that, in this article, we will talk to you about the reasons that lead your skin to crack up and have a flaky appearance and will tell you also about the most effective treatments that most people follow to revive a shiny skin appearance and have a great look too! 1) Causes - Lack of Exercise The lack of physical activity, whether through lack of time or lack of interest, decreases the amount of sebum that the body produces. And without enough moisture, the skin can dry up. By exercising, you give the body a chance to increase the production of sebum naturally, which will moisturize the skin. Also, when you exercise less, your body gets to store more toxins that will all affect your skin's health and cause you to dry out, and it will give you that flaky look on your body. - Diet If your diet is mainly junk food, you probably have dry, flaky skin and other health problems. Junk foods cause quick weight gain. Without giving the body the nutrients to keep itself healthy, your skin will get affected. It is too an organ that will require you to provide it with healthy nutrition to produce the natural oils with which it protects itself. - Over moisturizing It is often that dry, flaky skin is caused by moisturizing your skin too much. Being said that, this will lead to clogging up your skin pores, and your skin will be unable to function normally, and this will usually end up drying out. One should note that although moisturizing the skin is necessary, yet one should not go over water it since it could harm your health since most products are likely to have chemical-based substances that will affect your skin's health. - Weather It should be noted that extreme weather can also cause dry, flaky skin. Basically, when it gets really cold or boiling, the skin's temperature can get too low, and the oil glands start working overtime to keep the skin lubricated and healthy. Hence, this makes the skin dry, and if exposed consistently to harsh weather factors, your skin will become extremely dry. It would end up cracking up and wear that flaky appearance. 2) Treatments Luckily, dry, flaky skin can be very well treated and even prevented by following the right measures and taking up the exact skincare routine for a better skin appearance. For that, I will list the most common treatments that most people would go with as to treat their flaky skin. - Tea tree oil One of the best known natural flaky skin treatments is tea tree oil. Basically, tea tree oil is an excellent antibacterial that helps fight against bacteria. It will help you moisturize your skin and ward off those dead skin residues. What makes this option so great is that most tea tree products are chemically-free, which will replace any natural oils that your skin has lost. - Honey Another natural flaky skin treatment is honey. Honey is naturally antibacterial, and it also acts as an antiseptic and antioxidant. Being said that, it will help your skin to be lubricated and well moisturized. On the other hand, honey is also used to ward off skin pimples and skin early aging. It has been proven to give your skin a natural shining effect, making it just the perfect effective and natural remedy for your case. - Aloe Vera Actually, one cannot go off without mentioning Aloe Vera. This natural plant has also been used for centuries as an excellent skin treatment covering a wide range of skin conditions. You can either buy aloe Vera gel, cream, or even Aloe Vera pills. Aloe Vera is mainly rich in magnesium, Vitamin C, E, and B. These substances are just what your skin needs to heal itself from drying out and staying lubricated.